Smoked Haddock Bubble & Squeakish Hash Thingy

The inspiration for this came from Delicious Magazine, I couldn’t get any chard so used my ‘Sunday Lunch’ leftovers instead.

I made the leftover carrot & potato mash into little cakes & fried them in a little oi & butterl.

I also blanched some squares of potato and fried those off, just because it didn’t look like I had enough potato (I did).

I poached the smoked haddock in some milk with seasoning and a bay leaf.

I fried some savoy cabbage in butter.

I made my ‘tartare sauce’ using one part mayo to one part natural yoghurt with chopped capers and chopped gherkins.


These are my ‘new’ plates Mum & Dad picked up for me. My Dad says I would have called them ‘second hand’ if he had bought them, I call them ‘pre-loved vintage’

It was a very, very nice outcome.

This was dinner… 9th December 2013.

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