Saturday Silverside

We did our list last night & both fancied a Sunday dinner but didn’t want to wait until Sunday. We also were not sure what meat we wanted so just decided whist we were at the market.

Obviously from the title, you can see what we chose. We were going to do a swede and potato mash but managed to forget to buy the swede between us so we stole the carrots from a recipe for next week & made a carrot & potato mash instead.

We made our Yorkshire puddings based on Jamie Oliver’s recipe as we did last time. Sorry Brian Turner, your recipe which has served me very well over the years is consigned to history, it’s all about these bad boys now.

I browned the silverside all over then smothered it in Dijon mustard, popped it in a casserole dish with about 300ml of beef stock and cooked it for about 2 hours on 160ºc (fan).

I mentioned previously that I had fallen out of love with beef, which was my meat of choice for Sunday dinner in the past. This way of cooking it has re-ignited my love, it was perfect.

Whilst I left it to rest I used the juices to create a gravy. I cooked off some onion, added plain flour, cooked that out, then added beef stock a little at a time. I chucked in the juices, brought it to a boil then simmered it whilst we cooked the rest of the meal. I then strained it & thickened it up a little.

I also steamed some savoy cabbage, frying it in a little butter at the end.


I was supposed to freeze the remaining puds but we ate them all, scooping up the gravy, over the next hour or so.

Once we had been shopping this morning this was the most effort I made, along with the darned washing up a ‘Sunday Lunch’ creates. We watched (1)Pacific Rim, (2)The Wolverine & (3)Empire Strikes Back. Here’s my reviews – (1)you’re better than that Idris, (2) better than I expected & (3)do you you really need to ask, it’s Star Wars!!! I was asleep for 9.40pm.

This was dinner… 7th December 2013.


Any thoughts?

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