Tree Time

Well hello December! You sprinted up quickly didn’t you?

Since as far back as I can remember we always put the tree up for my sisters birthday. She’ll always be my little sis so it’s a traditional I have kept up ever since. Mr S always rolls his eyes and says ‘you and that bloody tree’ but the minute everything is out of the loft, he’s into it just as much as I am.

Now I’m a fan of the fake tree. I have only ever had a real one once and this proves a problem when you need to put it up on the 1st.

We went and did a little more Christmas shopping in the morning and I managed to pick myself up a new Christmas Day dress along the way. We popped into Morrisons and picked up a couple of pizzas so we wouldn’t have to cook. It’s a long job, Christmas decorating. You have to give the living room the winter version of the spring clean first, plus I’d obviously had such a hard day yesterday!

I was in my element, decorating the tree whilst Christmas with the Kranks played away in the background. Why is this film not called Skipping Christmas?


Oh…and you are NEVER too old for Christmas!

This was dinner… 1st December 2013.


4 thoughts on “Tree Time

  1. That looks fantastic, I’m really envious, I had to use the top half of my artificial tree in a plant pot and stand it on the sideboard this year mostly because of the bed taking up all the space in the living room and a little because mad Penny my mums springer pup being here at Christmas, the things is a maniac and would only eat it..

    1. Thanks. Bless, at least you’ve made the effort. I’ve had a go at my Mum & Dad who are in the middle of renovations, I say they should at least have a little one up but they have nothing. Love the idea of a maniac springer haha!

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