Spa Time

Life is tough sometimes!

Me, my mum, my sister, 2 aunties, my cousin, another cousins girlfriend and my cousins friend spent a morning at Elements Medispa in Doncaster enjoying their private spa party option. Jacuzzis and steam rooms and massages and pedicures etc. How awful for us.

After forcing ourselves out of the spa we went to Liberty Bar & Grill where we indulged in a couple of drinks and a bite to eat. I say a bite, I can’t manage a starter at Liberty, the portions are good. So I just had the Liberty Classic burger with shoestring fries…

which is a ‘100% Organic Beef with Cheddar cheese sauce, bacon, caramelised red onion and mixed leaf salad

…and was very nice.

When I got home I was very busy. Not really. I changed back into a dressing gown and lazed around drinking improvised Snowballs (Advocaat, prosecco and lemonade).


Mr S fended for himself and had second helpings of the meatloaf with home made oven chips.

This was dinner… 30th November 2013.


One thought on “Spa Time

  1. Oh how I miss nice, crispy shoestring fries and the Liberty Classic burger looks so appetizing. I can’t remember the last time I spoilt myself at a Spa…it’s high time I gave myself a one day vacation. You must be feeling very rejuvenated!

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