Not So Classic Amatriciana Bucatini

The recipe for what is apparently the classic amatriciana can be found here. I couldn’t be bothered to get the processor out and mess about sieving. I can’t be bothered with much at the moment. I think it’s moving from the cold onto trains that have the bloody heating on full whack. I’m wrapped up for winter for goodness sake! I digress.

So I did mine like this:

Quarter some tomatoes & pop into a saucepan with some olive oil and leave them on a low heat, stirring occasionally. Stick a full red chilli in there, putting a small slit in it first.

Whilst the tomatoes break down, pop some chopped up (very) smokey streaky bacon into a cold pan, turn the heat on and let that cook, only stirring a couple of times. Remove and set aside.

Grate some parmesan. As I was at the end of the block I chucked the rind into the tomato mixture along with some seasoning.

Pop the pasta on to cook, you can take a bit of the water and stick it in the tomato mixture if it’s getting a bit dry. Clearly not classic bucatini as I used spaghetti!

Mix everything together, (removing the whole chilli) including most of the grated parmesan.

Serve sprinkled with the remaining parmesan and some slices of chopped red chilli. 


On another note, it was nice to walk up the street and spy my tree twinkling away.

This was dinner… 2nd December 2013.


Any thoughts?

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