Sweet Fennel Soup with French Toast Croutons

Ah! I feel like this is the first ‘proper’ thing I’ve made in ages. If I am honest I am using the word ‘I’ very loosely as Mr S was in charge of this one.

Consult the Save with Jamie book for full recipe details. Here it is in my normal ‘sling it in the pan’ style:

Finely slice a couple of garlic cloves, a couple of onions & a couple of fennel bulbs. Reserve the fennel tips. Pop it all in a large pan with a good glug of olive oil. Give it a good stir through whilst on a medium heat then turn it low, stick the lid on and cook for half an hour. Add a bit of water if you need to, you want it sticky and soft.

Stick a veg stock cube in there and add a tin of cannellini beans along with their juice and about ¾ litre of boiling water. Simmer it for about 20 minutes then blitz with a hand blender and season. Keep warm.

Cut a ciabatta into slices & dip into a mixture of egg, cheddar, chilli flakes & crushed fennel seeds. Fry the bread in olive oil until golden.

Serve the soup with a drizzle of yoghurt and more chilli flakes then pop your French toast on top and garnish with the fennel tips.

I thought that fennel soup would possibly be a bit overpowering – not so, this was a beautiful soup, and plenty left for another meal.


I’m enjoying making my soups so much at the moment. I might even buy a flask so I can take some to work. 

This was dinner… 26th November 2013.


Any thoughts?

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