Salmon with Balsamic Reduction & Mushroom Rice

The balsamic reduction that I made the weekend before last was still going strong so we decided to use it with a nice piece of salmon. I seemed to have an abundance of mushrooms so using them up with the rice was a great option. A delicious meal for the price of the salmon.

I seared the salmon on all sides then popped it in the oven for about 8 minutes, covered in the balsamic. Make sure you put some foil in the dish first, the reduction will play havoc with your pan if not.

I fried off some mushrooms whilst the basmati rice cooked then stirred them through with a little seasoning.


I stuck some yoghurt on top & remembered to garnish my rice with parsley. Wonderful! Tasty, cheap & quick!

This was dinner… 25th November 2013.


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