Leftover Stew & a Crazy Lab

Let me point out that we ate the stew but we didn’t eat the labrador.

Charlotte came for tea and brought along Tilly, her 3 year old lab. She’s a beauty but she’s crazy. Tilly, not Charlotte, although Charlotte’s a bit Of both of those as well. What can I say? We’re cousins – it runs in the family 😉

I had to send my invalid cat upstairs. Seventeen years dog-free might have given him a heart attack & Tilly would have wanted to play. However we did have a moment when I had to let the cat out & they spied each other. We all know cats are in charge. He hid up the back of the garden watching…& waiting. Tilly went crazy at the window every 2 minutes trying to catch sight of him.

We had the leftover brisket stew from here, I just needed to add a bit of water. I made mash and heated a couple of the Yorkshire puddings I had frozen.

Now this isn’t the best photo I have taken but it’s far better than this lot which should come with a warning before perusing but did make me laugh & gag at the same time.


It was even nicer than the last time we had it. Tilly even enjoyed a couple of Yorkshire’s with a bit of gravy too.

I couldn't get a photo as she wouldn't sit still. Here's an old one.
I couldn’t get a photo as she wouldn’t sit still. Here’s an old one.

This was dinner… 15th November 2013.

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