The Museum

I got a call from my Mum last night asking if my cousin Charlotte & I wanted to meet up with her & my sister. They were making a rare trip into Sheffield for a spot of Christmas shopping. I thought we were meeting for a coffee & cake but when my sister rang to say they had arrived I was met with a ‘Sod off! I’m starving!’ to the very idea. She is SUCH a lady you know 😉 I love you Emma.

So I told them to choose the place & ring me with the menu so they could order it for my arrival. They went to The Museum which does a ‘Delicious Deli Deal’, for £5.99 you get a selection of fillings, bread, side & drink.

I went with BBQ pulled pork & coleslaw on a flatbread with a side of fries. I would have selected a glass of wine but they ordered me a coke. Honestly? Were these imposters or my family? They know me better than that! I only have coke if I can pop something with a percentage in it.


It was what you would expect for the price, enjoyable enough. I’m glad I went with flatbread, the multi-grain was a right door-stop.

You get a good bit of exercise walking from my workplace to Orchard Square & back again but DAMN! I needed a nap. There’s a reason we take only a sandwich to work.

This was dinner… 14th November 2013.



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