Spiced Pot-Roasted Chicken

The beauty of my new bookshelves is that instead of always picking the same 4 or 5 books to go though I can now see them all.

So I made the pot roasted chicken using a James Martin’s Great British Dinners which might have been one of my first cook books.

I made a couple of adjustments.

Pop some butter in a large casserole pan & brown a full chicken on all sides. Sit it back in the pan breast up & pour over soy sauce, oyster sauce and honey.

Pop in a cinnamon stick, a few bashed garlic cloves & a dash of mace.

Pour in a massive glug of dry sherry & some chicken stock then bring it to a simmer. Pop the lid on and stick it in a preheated 190ºc(fan) oven for about an hour. Baste it occasionally.

Remove the lid for ten minutes then if it’s cooked, take it out to rest it.

Cook some rice, throw the garlic & cinnamon stick in with it.

James strains the juices into a clean pan then boils it to reduce it. Sod that, that’s more washing up. I just did it in the casserole pan.

Serve the chicken on top of the rice drizzled with the delicious gravy.


This was dinner… 10th November 2013.


2 thoughts on “Spiced Pot-Roasted Chicken

  1. Can I just say that I love the way you write your instructions? I picture you cooking like some mad scientist with wild hair in a kitchen/lab full of food and spices, tossing things randomly into a pot and laughing maniacally.
    Then you plate the food, primly pat your hair into place, and glide to the dining table like a modern day June Cleaver, lol.

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