Baked Pancakes with Spinach Mushrooms & Gruyere

There is something about this that just seems to epitomise French cuisine for me. Not just that it’s a Raymond Blanc dish, or that it has pancakes/crêpes. Maybe it’s because I’m remembering the delicious crêpe I had over-looking the sea in Trouville-Sur-Mer this year.

I must confess that the only thing I did for this dish was to grate the Gruyère, ladle in the pancake mix and serve it up. The rest of it was down to Mr S.

Raymond’s recipe is here.

Heat some butter in a pan until brown (aka Beurre noisette). In a processor mix 2 eggs, 200ml milk, 100g flour, 4 pinches of salt & a pinch of black pepper. Give it a whizz up then pour in the butter (aside from additional flavour this apparently stops your pancakes from sticking). Add chopped chives & parsley.

Melt some more butter in a pan & wilt some spinach, season with salt & white pepper. Squeeze out the water and set aside.

Melt some MORE butter – I never said this was low fat – & cook thinly sliced button mushrooms on a high heat. Season with salt & white pepper. Then mix with the spinach & some grated Gruyère.

Pop your oven on to 190ºc(fan).

Make the pancakes. Put a ladleful of batter into a pan on medium heat which contains a tsp of hot oil. Swirl out the batter so that it’s nice & thin. Each pancake takes about 30-40 seconds in total. Repeat until all of your pancakes are made.

Pop some of the filling at the end of each pancake and roll up, placing each one side by side in a baking dish.

Bring 400ml of cream containing salt, white pepper & grated nutmeg to a steady boil then pour over the pancakes. Raymond uses whipping but I only had double cream. Sprinkle over more Gruyère and bake for 20 minutes.

TWD_Nov_Pancake_2 TWD_Nov_Pancake_1

It didn’t look like lots but I was stuffed after this.

Mr S has given me a couple of Photoshop lessons so expect some photography disasters experimentation at some point.

This was dinner… 11th November 2013.


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