Yesterdays Leftovers

I thought today might have been a write off. A busy day & plenty of wine last night but it ended up being extremely productive.

ALL of my books now have a home. They have been hiding out in the loft for about 2 years now and FINALLY they have somewhere proper to live.

Apart from the new computer which is due next week, the room is complete and I am so happy with it I want to get started up the other bedroom now. I don’t think Mr S is keen.

The downside to yesterday is I managed to chip my work top, I still feel sick so no, I don’t want to talk about it thank you.

We were so busy, the house was covered in books and all of Mr S’ work that we settled on leftovers from yesterday.

The remainder of the wonderful soup:


and the remainder of the crumble:


Unfortunately there was no pie left. Sigh.

We were a bit peckish later and had a shop bought breaded chicken burger with pitta & salad but this (one) was (technically) dinner… 3rd November 2013.


4 thoughts on “Yesterdays Leftovers

  1. ooh i had all my books in the loft too, until last summer when i convinced my hubby we needed lots of shelving in the dining room alcoves πŸ˜‰ now they are all in one easy to reach place. extremely satisfying!

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