Poached Chicken with Pesto

I’ve never poached a chicken before, although it does leave it looking a bit insipid the flavours were perfect & not a piece of dry meat in sight.

Put some chicken stock, white wine, bay leaf, thyme sprigs, pared lemon rind & quartered fennel into a large deep pan. Boil & simmer.

Remove the fennel & add chicken breasts. Poach on a medium-low heat for about 15 minutes then transfer it to a plate & wrap it in foil to keep it warm.

Pop some chopped potato & parsnip into the pan & simmer until cooked through. Add green beans & return the fennel. Add some seasoning.

Serve the chicken & vegetables drizzled with the poaching liquid then top with pesto. I managed to scratch together my own pesto with the few pine nuts I had in then realised I have a cupboard full of nuts I could have used as a substitute. Not that the pesto suffered, I could have just have served a heap more.


Next time I would finely slice the fennel, it was a bit too much in those large chunks.

This was dinner… 5th November 2013.

2 thoughts on “Poached Chicken with Pesto

  1. I’ve only used fennel a couple of times (duck and pork) but never with chicken. I would be afraid that chicken wasn’t strong enough to stand up to fennel?

    It’s good that your chicken didn’t turn out dry. Isn’t it funny that poaching anything in liquid could result in something dry?

    The Chinese have a very gentle poached chicken recipe called Hainanese Chicken Rice. The method is to poach a whole chicken in a ginger salt broth. You bring the stock to boil and then you turn it off. Yes, OFF, cover for an hour and then it’s done. The result is silky smooth chicken and the broth is used to cook rice.

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