Wimbledon Trifle

We had a trifle after the stew & a hard days grafting getting our paint on. Sadly, it still needed another coat. That’s tomorrow night sorted then.

I asked Mr S to guest post but he just gave me this instead:

“I have been promising to make a trifle for ages. I remember the days of dream topping and sponge fingers. All Bird’s if I remember correctly. Making one has been a plan for about 4 years! I finally got around to doing it. And what better way than to add booze? I didn’t get that when I was six. This also reminded me how dry & tasteless those fingers were.”

Jamie uses ginger loaf but weirdly, we couldn’t find any so we just used madeira cake instead.

Divide the the cake between 4 tumblers, halve some strawberries & add these too. Pop in some torn mint leaves. Pop them in the fridge whilst you make the jelly.

Soak some gelatine leaves in a little water for a few minutes. Put a pan on low heat and add some Pimms (we used Aldi’s Austins). When it’s hot, add the gelatine and whisk until dissolved. Pour in chilled lemonade and stir.

Slowly add it to the tumblers then chill for a couple of hours.

When the jelly has set , bash up some mint leaves in a pestle & mortar with some caster sugar.

Add vanilla extract & lemon zest to double cream & whisk until it forms peaks. Put the cream on top of the jelly & finish with the mint sprinkles.


My verdict? TRIFLETASTIC! I loved the mint sugar, a little bit of summertime on a miserable day. Well worth the 4 year wait – thanks Mr S. (there’s another for tomorrow too!)

The full recipe can be found in Jamie’s Great Britain.

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