Tomato, Pepper & Anchovy Bruschetta

It was more painting after work today. At least I’m a step closer to complete organisation. I’ve decided to take tomorrow off work to get the woodwork painted. I’m such a saint. (I’m hoping I will get a trip to Ikea if I manage to finish it)

This was a quick & easy meatless wonder after this weekends major meat-fest.

Toast some slices of wonderful sourdough & rub with the cut end of a halved garlic clove.

Spread some pesto on the bread – I was going to make my own but I had some red pesto left over in the fridge so it was a shame to waste it.

Mix together some roughly chopped tomatoes, some roughly chopped peppadews from a jar, some halved black olives & add salt & pepper & a dash of balsamic.

Arrange on the bread and sprinkle with some chopped anchovies.

I would have garnished it with basil but I forgot.


We had our second trifle afterwards. Yum.

This was dinner… 28th October 2013.


Any thoughts?

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