Brisket Stew & Yorkies

I bought a piece of brisket yesterday that is worthy of the term Jamie uses in his Save with Jamie book – Mothership.

I’m having my parents & sister round next Saturday and having already decided I am making some form of pie & choosing a stew for dinner today I bought a massive piece which I cooked according to Jamie’s book.

With such a lot of cooking time and more DIY to do I wanted to get this on early, but like an idiot I had forgotten to buy any foil so I had to wait. So a trip to my Mum & Dad’s, followed by B & Q, then Morrisons, I finally got it off and running about 11.30am.

Preheat the oven to 160ºC (fan), season the brisket with salt & pepper then brown it on the hob with a good glug of olive oil. Smear the fat side with wholegrain mustard, scatter it with rosemary leaves then scrunch up some greaseproof paper & wet it. Cover the brisket with that then tightly wrapp it with a double layer of foil. Leave it to cook for 5 hours.

I was now free to go off & paint. Oh what joy!*

After 5 hours I took it out & halved it, leaving one half to cool and freeze for next week.

Mr S made the Yorkshire pudding mixture:

We’ve used Brian Turner’s recipe for years but decided to give Jamie’s a go. Using 200g of plain flour & a pinch of salt, whisk in 4 eggs and then gradually add 200ml of milk (semi-skimmed for me). Pop it in the fridge until you are ready.

So on to the stew:

Pop 2 peeled & roughly chopped onions & 4 carrots into a big casserole pan with olive oil. Add 2 rosemary sprigs & 2 bay leaves. Cook until softened, giving it the odd stir. Add some plain flour, give it a stir then add tomato purée, wholegrain mustard & Worcestershire sauce. Stick in about 600ml of beef stock and stir it all up.

Add some pearl barley and chopped chestnut mushrooms. Chop up the brisket & add it to the pan. Cook it for about an hour, stirring from time to time.


After 25 minutes, pop a muffin tin into the oven with a little oil in each hole. After 10 minutes when the oil is very hot, fill the holes with the pudding batter to ¾ full & then cook for 25 minutes.

I must say, these are more substantial than the Turner ones, I will definitely use this ratio in the future but will still use Brian’s when I want lighter ones.


We followed it with the trifle coming up in the next post.

This was dinner… 27th October 2013.

* I like to do the pretty bits, not the getting dirty bits, and painting is so damn boring.


Any thoughts?

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