Shepherd’s Jackets

I’m a little bit behind on the blog due to coming down with a damn cold/flu/generally feeling shitty.

Mr S was ill last week and obviously passed on whatever germs he had to me. This shows in a couple of the posts as we generally didn’t much care what we were eating.

Anyway, casting my mind back to a week last Thursday, we had some leftover shepherds pie filling so I decided to do it with jacket potatoes. Mr S said he wasn’t bothered and was going to have prawn mayo but when he saw what I was doing with them he changed his mind.

I cooked my potatoes in the oven, they were only small so took about 50 minutes. When I took them out I scooped out the potato and put a bit of butter in the jackets then popped them back in the oven for ten minutes to crisp up a bit.

I roughly mashed up the potato, adding a bit of crème fraiche and white pepper, then oiled a baking tray and formed the potato into rounds, topping it off with plenty of delicious extra mature cheddar. Then I popped the potato under the grill to melt the cheese.

I warmed the leftover mixture in a pan then served it in the skins, topped off with a blob of crème fraiche, then the cheesy mash.


Perfect, fast comfort food.

I finished it off with a ‘couple’ of vodkas. What? It was my Friday.

This was dinner… 17th October 2013.


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