Fast Food

As Mr S had not left the house for 2 full days and we couldn’t be bothered to go shopping we had an idea of either an Indian takeaway or fish and chips. We decided we would pop to the pub, have a beer then pick up whichever we decided on, on the way back.

The Scawsby Mill is a five minute drive from our house or, in this case, a 20 minute walk. We’ve not eaten in there for about 10 years and have probably had a pint in the beer garden a few times. It’s a generic pub with generic food but we looked over the menu, decided we were starving and went for it.

We shared a combo starter then I had fish & chips and Mr S had a Mexican burger. I was pleasantly surprised, it was decent for £22, the surroundings are nice and the staff are friendly (even checking how soon we wanted our main course). The Indian is on the back burner.


This was dinner… 18th October 2013.


Any thoughts?

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