Mexican Tomato Soup with Chilli Nachos (& Veggie & Feta Sprinkles?)

I had to pop out to the supermarket for the tortillas as we made short work of the bag I bought for this recipe at the weekend.

Are you like me? Do you ALWAYS manage to place yourself in the wrong queue at the supermarket?

There were 2 women in front of me buying a small trolleys worth of shopping. Taking about 10 seconds to put each and every item into their bags. A 4 year old could have counted the £49.16 it cost them in pennies quicker than they managed to find it from their purses! Yes, I remember the EXACT amount as the lady at the till had to tell how much it was 3 times. It took a lot of effort to stop myself packing their bags for them!

Anyway… count to 10 Lisa…

I feel I’ve been neglecting my cookbooks in favour of constant magazine recipes so this is from Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals for a bit of a change.

I’m sure you could make this in 15 minutes if you really stretched yourself but come on Jamie! Really? I don’t get why they are called veggie & feta sprinkles either.

It’s a wonderfully easy soup to make. Just throw this lot in a pan:

bunch of spring onions

glug of olive oil

4 garlic cloves (I just bashed mine)

100g basmati < Yes, rice!

approx 450g Jarred red peppers (I used hot peppadews)

2 400g tins of chopped tomatoes

Stick it on the heat adding just under a litre of boiling water & a pinch of salt. The recipe also used coriander stalks but my coriander was a bit on the poor side. I did add the end of a red chilli I used for the nachos. Pop the lid on.

Using a hand blender, mix together some natural yoghurt, pickled chillis and fresh mint. Then give the blender a rinse as you will need it for the soup.

Scatter some tortilla chips on a tray along with some cheddar and slices of red and/or green chilli. Stick it under the grill to melt the cheese. Pop some of the avocado and some more chopped spring onions on top.

Blend the soup, adding some extra water if required. I also added my poor coriander leaves at this stage & I took out the end of the chilli before I blended. Season it to your liking.

I served it with a ‘drizzle’ of the yoghurt, topped off with halved cherry tomatoes, slices of avocado and crumbled feta (aka the veggie & feta sprinkles). I then popped a ‘slice’ of the nachos on top.

2soup nachos

I ate this whilst watching Tom Kerridge again. You can see why that guy has 2 Michelin stars. Im now craving pork belly.

I’m not going to go on about how delicious this soup was, but it was and it’s got melted cheesy chilli nachos on top. Why wouldn’t it be? I have leftovers for lunch at work. Unfortunately there are no Nachos. I’ll have to pinch a slice of Charlotte’s Hovis.

This was dinner… 16th October 2013.


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