Cowboy Casserole

This recipe comes from one of the first cook books I ever bought, Comfort Food. We’ve had it a few times over the years and there are even scribblings on the page of how to change it. Although now I can cook I actually do it somewhere in the middle of what the recipe and my scribblings say.

Heat the oven to 190ºC (Fan).

Thickly slice some potatoes and boil until almost cooked.

Slice 2 onions.

Layer half the onion in a casserole pan.

Slice a can of corned beef* into 8 slices, put 4 slices on top of the onion.

Layer with half of the potatoes

Mix together a tin of baked beans, a bit of passata, a dash worcester sauce, some dried mixed herbs & some seasoning. (I used thyme, oregano and sage)

Pour half of the beans over the potatoes in the pan.

Layer up again with the remaining onion, then corned beef & the beans. Add the top layer of potato and top with some beef stock.

Put the lid on and pop in the oven for about 40 mins.

Remove the lid & cook for another 15 mins.

Serve with a squirt of ketchup.


Corned beef used to be cheap. It isn’t now.

This was dinner… 14th October 2013.

*Has anyone ever successfully opened one of those cans using the key? I know I haven’t.


4 thoughts on “Cowboy Casserole

  1. I like this.
    I keep meaning to get some corned beef and make a hash, I never have and always wondered what it was like, so this has motivated me to buy a can tomorrow and do one..

    1. I love corned beef. There was only one time when I didn’t. I’d told my mum I loved corned beef sandwiches and got them EVERY day until I told her to stop! Mum’s do that though don’t they?

      I do like a hash where the corned beef starts to crisp up.

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