Leftover Fishcakes with Anchovy Creamed Kale

When I made the cod there was loads and loads of the sauce left so I decided to use it up with my leftover fishcakes.

When Mr S picked me up from the gym we popped to the supermarket. He didn’t think this would be up to much so he picked up some sausages, a tin of beans and a pack of crumpets.

I deliberated on whether I would go with that or be good and not let food go to waste. In the end I chose fishcakes as they were so darn good last time.

I popped them in a frying pan for a minute either side then bunged them in the oven for about 6 minutes.

I warmed the sauce through and stuck a fried egg on top as Mr S was having them with his breakfast dinner.


Look how green the sauce was on day 2. I accidentally burst my egg yolk as I was taking it out of the pan but managed to salvage the yolk.

These fishcakes definitely would not have fed two.

This was dinner… 9th October 2013.


Any thoughts?

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