Leftover Bolognese

There always seems to be some blog or other that makes the news. Last week it was the 300 sandwiches story which seems to have offended a bunch of people on behalf of the clearly successful woman who started it.

You can make up your own minds but my idea of feminism is that women have choices. I’m sure some of this is tongue-in-cheek on their part but if a woman wants to don the sharp suit and be a ‘high-powered executive’ then so be it… if she wants to don a flowery apron and be ‘Ms Homemaker’ then that’s fine too. She has that CHOICE.

Aside from that – E really needs to open his mind and try some of those things on his forbidden food list and boy does she make some fabulous sandwiches.

Right, got that off my chest.

Tonight we I had the leftover bolognese made here.  I ate alone as Mr S had KFC at lunch so only made a sandwich, unfortunately this meant wastage. I was really proud that I avoided the chippy as I’ve been craving fish and chips for days.


It was better with spaghetti.

This was dinner… 27th September 2013.


2 thoughts on “Leftover Bolognese

  1. When I think of Bolognese what comes to my mind is mince meat. So it can be made without mince meat? I have learnt something new. Thanks for sharing!

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