Chorizo & Savoy Rice

Delicious. I’m actually sat eating the leftovers on my lunch hour as I type this.

Quick, easy, cheap and did I say delicious?

I have made this before, just changed the way I cooked it ever so slightly.

Cook your rice. Our preferred way is to pop the rice in a pan. Top with boiling water, enough to cover plus about 2cm. Pop the lid on. Bring to a vigorous boil then turn down and simmer for about 8 minutes. Turn it off and leave the lid on for it to carry on steaming. You’re allowed to take the lid off once to give it a stir but be quick about it, you want that steam.

Slice and fry off the chorizo until it releases it’s oils. Remove from the pan.

I would normally use a sliced shallot but couldn’t get any from the market so I used 4 pickling onions instead. Add to the frying pan along with a bashed garlic clove and some seasoning. Sweat until softened.

Add finely sliced cabbage and a little bit of water and stick the lid on to sweat the cabbage for about 4 minutes.

Combine it with the rice then roughly chop your chorizo and stir it through. Adjust your seasoning, if you use as much cabbage and rice as we did you will need a fair bit.

I served it with my now compulsory hot sauce and watched the new Tom Kerridge show on BBC, there’s my next cook book.


This was dinner… 24th September 2013.


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