Mexican Eggs 2 Ways

This was supposed to be Mexican Omelettes but we used the wrong pan so had to go with scrambled first. I’m really enjoying Jamie Olivers new book. Three of my meals are from it this week.

After my bag drop fiasco on Saturday I was worried I wouldn’t have enough for this meal but it appears I had over-bought.

Whizz up an avocado with the juice from a couple of limes and some natural yoghurt. Adjust the consistency if you need to with some olive oil.

Grate a small onion & a carrot and finely chop some white cabbage and a red chilli.

Mix it all together with the avocado mixture and season well.

Gently whisk 4 eggs with some seasoning and add to a GOOD OMELETTE PAN, when your omelette is almost done, grate over some cheddar.

Pop it on a plate, add your “Mexican coleslaw”, fold over & serve – or if you mess it up, arrange a serving of the coleslaw at the side of your scrambled egg.

Here’s how they both look:



And not so successfully but just as tasty…


Using the avocado mixture to create a coleslaw is a great alternative. It could be my new favourite thing.

This was dinner… 16th September 2013.


2 thoughts on “Mexican Eggs 2 Ways

  1. ahhh, I love meals that are supposed to be one thing but turn into another! happy accidents! Your blog ALWAYS makes me hungry when it comes up on my news feed!!!

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