Goats Cheese, Pepper & Almond Tart

If there is one thing that makes my blood boil it’s the phrase “I don’t have time to eat healthily” or “I don’t have time to cook” or a thousand other things really but this is a cooking blog so I’ll keep it on track. 😉 I heard the former on the train tonight and with the plethora of cooking shows and cook books and the whole of the world wide web I find this exasperating.

This is a simple, normally meat-free tart that takes about 3 minutes to prepare and 12 minutes to cook. I added the bacon just because it was leftover from the bolognese.

I had a ready rolled piece of puff pastry in the freezer. How long it had been in the freezer is anyone’s guess. The edges had started to go a bit hard so I just cut them off. I’m still here so all is well.

Cut the sheet in half then score each about a centimetre in from the edge all of the way around.

Pop on an oiled baking tray then spread red pesto on the pastry within your scored line. Scatter chopped roasted peppers. If using, chop up your bacon and scatter on top.

Add a couple of rounds of goats cheese then sprinkle with flaked almonds and finish off with some pepper.

Brush the edges with milk then pop in a 200ºc (fan) over for 10-12 minutes.



Mr S said it was his favourite thing of the week but it could get bumped to second place tomorrow as it’s chicken tacos.

This was dinner… 19th September 2013


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