Chicken Flatbreads

We had to pop out to the shop for a lot of this at about 8pm. We really didn’t fancy the steak and Mr S had a hankering for chicken. I compromised as long as chorizo was involved.

Mr S butterflied the chicken and covered it in the blackening spices we used on the cod a few days ago. Fry it for a couple of minutes each side then leave it to rest whilst you fry off the chorizo until it releases it’s oil.

I served it with avocado, tomatoes and coleslaw which were all leftovers.

Aldi struck again with some lovely flatbreads that they were selling off for 49p for a pack of four.


As an aside, I went shopping this morning. Why is it that if you have about 7 bags of shopping, the bag you drop will be the one with the eggs in it? So very infuriating!

This was dinner… 14th September 2013.


Any thoughts?

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