Greek Pork Patties with(out) Radish Tzatziki

I was looking forward to these. I adore tzatziki and love radishes (now they don’t ONLY form part of a salad) but my radishes had gone soft so I served the patties with a dill yoghurt dip and the go to fail safe option when you have no other sides – CHIPS!

The patties are simple – mix minced pork, chopped red onion, chopped garlic and some seasoning and form into patties. The recipe adds oregano – I didn’t have any and egg – I didn’t want to.

Chill whilst your chips cook then for the last few minutes, griddle your patties for a couple of minutes either side.

Serve up your patties with a dollop of hot sauce. Salt and vinegar your chips then smother in hot sauce (my preference entirely).


The recipe is here.

This was dinner…6th September 2013.


Any thoughts?

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