‘Silky’ Salmon Tagliatelle

One of my Birthday presents was the new ‘Save with Jamie’ book. I also got a wonderful book on Moroccan Cuisine but I’m saving that for another day.

With it being birthday weekend I hadn’t been to the market so I committed a mortal sin…I bought my salmon from the supermarket!

Jamie calls it silky salmon, I’ve put it in inverted commas as ‘Greasy Salmon Tagliatelle’ doesn’t invite you in does it?

The tagliatelle was rubbish too. Here’s what you do anyway:

Cook the salmon in the oven. The idea in Jamie’s book is that you cook something huge (i.e. a salmon, a chicken, some beef etc) then use it up on the following days, so the recipe calls for leftover salmon.

Cook the pasta. Bring some single cream gently to the boil in a pan, grate in the zest of a lemon and season.

Beat an egg together with some parmesan and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Save some of the pasta water when you drain it (always worth doing). Add the cream to the pasta and flake in the salmon. Add the egg mixture, move it all around so the heat of the pasta cooks the egg. Add some of the pasta water if needed. Add some herbs if you fancy & sprinkle with more parmesan.


It looks better than it tasted but I’m sure with a good salmon and a decent tagliatelle it would have been delicious.

This was dinner…2nd September 2013.


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