An Attempt to Eat Out

Well today ended up being a bit of a failure.

The plan was to drive out into Derbyshire and find somewhere nice to eat. We decided that we would drive out via Sheffield city centre, through Dore, then see where our journey took us.

As we got further out we decided that Bakewell was the place to go. I had my camera, we were going to make a bit of a day of it. About an hour into our drive we hit traffic, bad traffic, out in the peak district. We assumed that there must have been an accident or something but 45 minutes and about 500 yards later we realised there was more to it. We’d decided to drive out on the weekend of the Chatsworth Country Fair. When we finally made it to a junction we decided to go in the opposite direction to the traffic.

The only country pub we saw (by this time it was 12.30pm) seemed to be full (of people with the same idea as us). After a diversion around Chesterfield we found our way back to the M1 where we had to pull up at services to ‘pay a visit’.

Do you ever get that feeling where, no matter how hard you try, you can’t decide what you are going to do as you can’t get past that original idea? Or is that just me? We debated and conferred…Meadowhall for TGI? Sheffield City Centre? A pub near home? We finally decided upon the Pickburn Arms which is only a couple of miles from home. I have not been there in years but had recently heard it was good.

We pulled up and went in. It was a carvery. Now I know there is nothing wrong with that but I have a, some would say irrational, fear/hatred of them. I don’t know why. Maybe I feel like I’m back at school queuing for my lunch but I just can’t do it. It’s the same with buffets.

We went into town instead and still couldn’t decide. So this is what I ended up with:


An indoor Marks and Spencer’s picnic. I loved it.

This was dinner…1st September 2013.


2 thoughts on “An Attempt to Eat Out

  1. years ago when I worked at a local hotel, it had a carvery and I have to say I became a whizz at it, I could carve anything, but I’ve yet to actually see a carvery set up as good as mine, even if I say so myself when I was on duty it was always immaculately presented, so I like you don’t DO carvery but for a very different reason, loving the picnic, I could snack on that now I’m so hungry..

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