Lamb on Minted Pea Purée with Crispy Pancetta

I didn’t realise how far behind on my posts I was. I’m blogging, cooking and baking today but more of that in a later post.

Ainsley Harriots Friends & Family was probably one of the very 1st cook books I bought. He’s one of a crew who can probably be thanked for a new breed of cooking obsessives. I didn’t get to see it often as it was on whilst I was at work but a day off at home always included watching the chefs create a meal from a carrier bag of goodies (or not so) chosen by 2 members of the public on Ready, Steady , Cook. It showed how to cook decent food on a budget.

This recipe was also on the cusp of my hatred for lamb turning to love. Mr S probably convinced me to eat it with the lure of the peas.

I’ve learned how to cook my meat with love since then. I’ve also learned that you will getter far better meat from the butcher than you will from the supermarket. I actually bought half of a lamb from a colleague at work who’s father rears them, without thinking too much into it, this was a fresh as fresh could be.

Mr S looked after the lamb whilst I made the purée. Whilst he cooked the lamb for about 3 minutes on each side I popped some frozen peas I’d cooked in boiling water into the food processor. Add chopped mint (mine was fresh from the garden), a good chunk of butter, a bit of cream and some seasoning and whizz it up.

Fry some slices of pancetta briefly until crisp and drain on kitchen paper.



The lamb was absolutely amazing and cooked to perfection.

This was dinner…23rd August 2013.


6 thoughts on “Lamb on Minted Pea Purée with Crispy Pancetta

  1. I’m glad you are learning to like lamb. I prefer lamb to beef, but I also like beef 🙂

    Your pea puree looks great. I love how simple it is and I always have the necessary ingredients on hand but forget it as a meal accompaniment.

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