A Meal Out & a Chinese In

It’s birthday celebrations week for me this week. Today I went out with a few family members. My auntie picked the spot on recommendation from someone she works with. The Cherry Tree at High Hoyland.

I must admit it was quite a drive out , about 25 miles down country lanes and a bit of motorway. This might not be a lot to some but I don’t tend to travel for food. Dad was driving though so a glass of wine was on the menu.

The pub was as ‘pubby’ as a pub can be. Very old style but the view was amazing and the staff were lovely. There was quite an extensive meal which worried me but some lovely varied meals to choose from. I’m told the fish and chips was very nice but 2 items caught my eye. The Calvados pork and the duck dish. I was sold on the duck when I saw the words ‘plum and ginger stuffing’. My sister had the pork and said it was delicious.

Now as pubs do, I was offered the choice of chips, new potatoes, jacket potato or mash. I asked for chips but changed my mind at the last minute and went for mash. Duck, chips and plum sauce just didn’t sound right.

When it came, it came with peas and carrots…and salad. A little odd, but I’m not complaining as although done slightly more than I would have done it, the duck was delicious, especially with the addition of the stuffing and a glorious plum sauce.

This photo does not do it justice…

The Cherry Tree

Shit! This almost sounds like a review doesn’t it?

After lunch we went and perused some antique shops.

I’m using the excuse of my birthday to defend the fact that I also had Chinese takeaway later that night but in fairness we did eat lunch at 12.

This was dinner…24th August 2013.

4 thoughts on “A Meal Out & a Chinese In

  1. Happy Belated Birthday.
    That looks lovely, I’ve got a couple of duck breasts in the freezer, along with a shed load of blackberries, I might have to come up with a sauce including those..

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