Fishcakes, Fried Egg & a Light Cheese Sauce

I used some haddock fishcakes I bought in the supermarket that have been lying at the bottom of the freezer. To be honest, they were pretty decent fishcakes for pre-made ones with good chunks of haddock in them, Nicely seasoned too.

I whipped up a quick cheese sauce.

Make a roux with equal parts butter and flour. Remover from the heat and add milk a little at a time. I didn’t bother with measurements. Just until I felt there was enough, which incidentally is always too much, Add cheese, I used 2 thirds extra mature cheddar and 1 third parmesan, seasoned with salt and white pepper.

Apparently white pepper is ripened more and is stripped of the black outer crust. It has more intense flavour than black pepper but lacks its delightful aroma.

Anyway, I was going to poach the eggs but the frying pan was already out and, well, fried is just easier.

Pop the egg on top of the fishcake, sprinkle with a little black pepper and drizzle with the sauce.


This was dinner…20th August 2013


Any thoughts?

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