Burger Chips & Onion Rings

I haven’t made what I call a lazy meal since early July, which is pretty impressive as I thought I was embarrassing myself on this blog by making rubbish daily at one point. I didn’t class the fishcakes from Tuesday as lazy eating as I made an effort to make my own cheese sauce so that counts as cooking right?

The burgers were from the fresh section in the supermarket but I had stuck them in the freezer at some point.

We bought scufflers from the supermarket at the weekend. For anyone not familiar with the scuffler, Wikipedia states “A scuffler is a word in Yorkshire Dialect meaning a small bread cake or roll. While the term can be used to describe any kind of bread, it is can also mean a particular kind of fluffy white bread popularly eaten in the area. This bread is often baked in a roughly triangular shape…”

If I’m not mistaken, I think the scuffler might be a West Yorkshire thing but I could be wrong. The scuffler is perfect for a sausage sandwich, even a bacon sandwich but it doesn’t suit a burger. It was tasty all the same.

I built it with a spread of mayo on the bottom, a squirt of hot sauce on top, covered with grated cheddar and a slice of tomato, I served it with oven fries and shop bought onion rings.


This was dinner…22nd August 2013.

3 thoughts on “Burger Chips & Onion Rings

  1. I could eat that right now, I’m starving despite having a hospital chicken curry for lunch, have a piece of oxtail braising in the oven, compared to that is going to be dull.

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