Garlic & Thyme Fish Steaks

So we popped in to town today. Mr S needed sports socks for the gym and I needed a new umbrella…again!

We found ourselves walking up to check out Doncasters newest venue Cast. The theatre doesn’t open until September but the cafe bar was open and very nice it is too.

We only had a drink but they do a small selection of food which seems to use local produce which is always good. I love it when there is somewhere new to go. It’s like I wasn’t even in Doncaster. It will be nice to see it when it’s buzzing and they have all the chairs and tables out in the sunshine near the fountain. I hope they are going to have some background music too.

When we got home we  watched Warm Bodies which was very good. Although “R” from the film will always be Marcus to me.

As we were cooking dinner I went to the bread bin which sits on top of my freezer where I found the remaining chicken thighs from last night. Obviously I’m sad to say putting them in here did not freeze them. Neither was it where I had left my marbles. So much for economising. It’s been quite warm so from a bread bin to a waste bin they went.

This was another quick dish from the Good Housekeeping book. I haven’t had swordfish for such a long time and had forgotten how nice it is.

Marinade the fish in oil, crushed garlic, chopped thyme leaves and lemon juice for about 20 minutes.

Griddle for 3-4 minutes each side depending on the size of your fish.

Serve with salad and barbecued red peppers (mine came from a jar).

Give the fish another squeeze of lemon.


This would also work with tuna.

This was dinner…18th August 2013


Any thoughts?

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