Sesame & Cabbage Rolls

This should read with plum sauce but although it is a really delicious sauce I couldn’t be bothered so served it with one of our numerous hot sauces. If I’m being honest, the plum sauce from this recipe would have been perfect with them. Oh well, we all have lazy days, if working all day then going to the gym classes as lazy.

The recipe for these rolls comes from the Good Housekeeping Healthy Family Recipes cookbook again. I’m really enjoying it at the moment.

I couldn’t get my hands on any dried shiitake mushrooms so I used dried chanterelle instead. Pop them in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave them to soak as per packet instructions.

Heat some sesame oil in a pan and add chopped garlic and sesame seeds and fry gently until golden. Add shredded cabbage and finely sliced spring onions and stir. The recipe says for 3 minutes but I did mine for a bit longer.

Drain the mushrooms and give them a rough chopping and add to the pan along with a can of bamboo shoots, some soy sauce and a little caster sugar.

Remove from the heat and leave to cool.

Cut the filo into squares. Get one piece of the filo and then cover with another.

Put some of your cabbage mixture onto the pasty and roll, brushing with oil (the recipe uses egg).

The recipe also deep fries them but I popped mine in the oven for 15 minutes which is probably 5 minutes too long.


This was dinner…14th August 2013


Any thoughts?

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