Avocado on Toast with Chorizo & Fried Eggs

The title is as it is in BBC Good Food magazine. I’m not one to argue but surely the chorizo should come first as it’s one of the most important food items on Earth!

I haven’t had chorizo since the 14th July and I haven’t had my favourite, the hard chorizo for ages. I think I must be ill!

When I bought the avocados last night, I bought one ripe enough for the pizzas and one for this meal thinking I would have it later in the week. We decided to have it tonight but my avocado wasn’t ripe enough to do it their way so I adapted slightly.

Dry fry some pumpkin seeds until they crack and pop then set aside.

Fry some chorizo.

Toast some nice bread.

The recipe then mashes the avocado with lime, coriander and salt but I sliced mine and tossed it in lime and avocado.

Arrange the toast and rub with the cut side of a garlic clove. Scatter the chorizo and pumpkin seeds. Add a fried egg then top with the avocado mixture. Scatter some coriander.


Chorizo heaven and I loved the addition of the pumpkin seeds.

This was dinner…10th August 2013.


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