Bangers & Mash

I’m still so tired but there is nothing to eat in the house and there’s a load of unpacking to do.

Mr S asked what I fancied for dinner and I immediately replied with sausage and mash. We had passed a sign for Lincolnshire bangers and mash and I had thought ‘I could do that right now!’

Mr S was happy with that. We decided to do the remainder of our shopping on Monday.

I also picked up a large bar of Cadburys Whole Nut as I’d been craving some Cadburys chocolate since about last Wednesday. I threw myself into the idea of a stereotypical Brit returning from distant-ish shores and made a bacon sarnie too.

The pork and leek sausages were from Morrisons and although they were not market sausages they did a decent job. The mash was lovely and creamy and I made an onion gravy to go with it. I also bought a tin of marrowfat peas. This is my comfort food right here.

Bangers and mash

I was stuffed when we’d finished, so much so that I didn’t even touch the chocolate!

This was dinner…28th July 2013

bacon sarnie

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