Baked Eggs

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve been cheating and just using my phone for the photographs. It’s a lazy hangover from my holidays. I’ll get back to proper photos tomorrow, I promise myself.

This one was a quick and simple dish from the Healthy Family Recipes book again.

Fry some chopped mushrooms for a minute or so.

Add some spinach and stir fry until wilted.

Transfer to an oven proof dish and season. Crack your required number of eggs into the dish.

Season the egg.

Pour on some single cream.

Bake in a 180ยบ oven for around 12 minutes.

baked eggs

I served them with a dash of hot sauce. I ate the one with the bust yolks but one of them still managed to be a bit dippy. It was very nice but next time I think I’ll put some cheese on it as well (not so low fat I know).

This was dinner…7th August 2013.


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