Fish O’Leekie

The idea came from a book I’ve had for years – Comfort Food. I kind of associate comfort food with winter but if I think about it, a bowl of rice with the right ingredients IS comforting.

I’ve used the basics from the recipe but added turmeric & spring onions, the recipe also uses a microwave to make this dish. No thank you.

Finely chop a leek and finely chop some smoked bacon. Pop your leeks and bacon on either side of a large pan and soften. Don’t move your bacon around if you want it to go crispy-ish.

Add some rice (we put in a short glass full) and give it a stir, add a little turmeric and stir again. Add about a ½ litre of fish stock and put a lid on the pan. Keep an eye on it and cook for 5 minutes.

Add some more stock, enough for your rice to absorb and add some fish, we used a piece of salmon and a piece of cod, cut into bite-sized peices. Cook for about 5 minutes or until your fish and rice is cooked through. Add some finely chopped spring onion for the last minute.

Season and add chopped parsley, stir through and serve.


This was dinner…17th July 2013.


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