Egg Rougaille

I’ve been away so I’m a little behind on my posts. Here goes.

This recipe is once again from the August edition of BBC Good Food and as far as I can tell without too much research ‘rougaille’ means tomato based.

I wasn’t looking forward to this. I wasn’t looking forward to anything. I’m an English rose don’t you know and this heat is making me wilt. I’m a nightmare without a good nights sleep and this prolonged bout of hot weather (and believe me non English people, this amount of hot days is prolonged to us) is really getting to me. I’m not built to cope.

This isn’t a complaint, it’s just a fact. I would definitely be sorry to see the back of the sunshine but nothing about our buildings, transport system etc is made for such heat.

According to the magazine, this dish originates from Mauritius. It’s hot there too and I can see why they would eat it, it was a perfect light and spicy dish for a summer evening.

Finely chop an onion and fry it in a pan until starting to turn golden. Add 2 bashed garlic cloves and a finely chopped bird’s-eye chilli. The recipe grates the garlic but I was trying to avoid being in the kitchen for too long. It also adds grated ginger but Mr S had managed to throw mine away so I improvised with a couple of spices. Fry for a couple more minutes.

Add a tin of plum tomatoes, I gave it all a stir and put the lid on for ten minutes then gave it a check, added some water, broke the plum tomatoes down a little and put the lid back on.

After another 5 minutes I added some chopped coriander and some seasoning, gave it a stir then cracked 4 eggs into the pan and put the lid back on.

egg rougaille

Five minutes was probably just a little too long for my eggs but they were still delicious. I served it with a shop bought garlic bread.

This was dinner…16th July 2013.


11 thoughts on “Egg Rougaille

      1. hello back on Twitter, not that I understand it at all, my friend is a serial tweeter and said I should try it, to be honest, it goes right over my head, I really don’t understand it at all.. lol

        1. Ah it’s pretty easy once you start. If you have some random thought in your head and you think the world needs to hear it (or doesn’t) just stick it on twitter 😉

  1. LOL! you have a Mr S too?? how awesome is that!

    eggs and tomato have long been in the greek summer food tradition. for some reason, the combination is really refreshing and summery, isn’t it?? Yours look absolutely delicious!

    heat sucks, can’t wait for autumn! 😛

      1. lol
        with me it was because he didn’t want me to write his name. Funny detail: His last name starts with an S (hence the Mr. S thing), his first name starts with a P, making him Mr. P at times 😀

  2. I love runny eggs and tomato. I did baked beans in individual ramekins, stirred through bacon bits and added runny eggs all with a tomato based sauce. Eaten with toast points (fancy word for toast cut into small triangles). It was a hit.

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