Veggie Peanut Noodles with Coriander Omelette Ribbons

Well I finally got to the gym this week. About time. This was quite an achievement as it’s been bloody boiling in Sheffield today and unfortunately for me I have to catch a Northern Rail train home which I’m sure must have been built in 1892 before air-con existed. I was melting by the time I got to the gym, feeling like I had already done my workout.

Now I have to admit to having already eaten out at lunch time. It was supposedly a light bite but was rather filling. I went to The Showroom in Sheffield at and had Croque Madame with wedges, I was going to share the wedges with my cousin who I had lunch with but her meal came with it’s own wedges. It was very nice but by no means light. However, this was dinner…

Cook egg noodles according to the pack, drain (reserving some cooking water), add some sesame oil and leave to one side.

Mix together some peanut butter, soy, sesame oil & chilli sauce Now the recipe uses sweet chilli sauce but I only had Wahaca Searingly Hot Chile de Arbol Sauce (their name choice not mine) so I used that instead. You can use the cooking water here to thin it out a bit. Or, like me, you can accidentally drop the whole of the cooking water you have saved into the mix then skim as much off as possible. DON’T drain your noodles into a metal dish folks.

Stir fry carrot batons for a little then add garlic, shredded Chinese cabbage* and spring onions. It’s also worth pointing out the we added sliced chilli to our stir-fry, there was definitely a bit of spice to this meal. Add your peanut butter mix and your noodles and warm through.

*we used white cabbage as we couldn’t get our hands on any Chinese cabbage (Pak choiBok choi etc)

Whilst Mr S looked after the stir fry, I whisked up 3 eggs, some seasoning and some chopped coriander & cooked in a frying pan then cut into the ribbons which is then used to garnish the noodles.


This was dinner…12th July 2013.


Any thoughts?

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