Tapas & Cocktails

We were back in Doncaster for a bit of shopping. I had wanted a couple of things from Primark but here is my Primark rule:

Don’t do Primark after 10.00am on Saturdays

You might NEVER come out alive.

So it was the first place I visited on Sunday to get it out of the way. As we shopped, Mr S came out with the words “Should we go to Meadowhall?”

I was filled with dread but then I thought “It won’t be bad, it’s nearly 30ºs out” How wrong I was. It was packed and it was hot and you House of Fraser, yes YOU, should be ashamed of how hot your shop was in particular. I felt for the staff.

Surely you need your shops at a nice temperature to encourage people to try stuff on!

We decided to eat in Las Iguanas in the Oasis section of Meadowhall. We had already decided on Tapas but they have a 5 for £23 on Sundays. It was also ‘buy one get the same one free’ on cocktails…oh go on then.

We had a Paloma Diabla (Premium Olmeca tequila & Ting grapefruit soda for the Paloma & added cassis for the Diabla) each – very refreshing.


Our tapas were:

Chicken wings of course (Spicy hot chicken wings sauced-up with Vivo hot, hot, very hot habanero)


Spectacular Fish Taco (Crackly battered sustainable white fish caught in soft wheat & corn tortillas, topped with a corn & sweet chilli salsa)


Pato Taquito (Rich shreds of roast duck & caramelised onion rolled in a flour tortilla & char-grilled, with a spicy cranberry salsa)


Calamares (Whole baby calamari, sliced & coated in crisp crumb cassava. With creamy aioli)


Cha-Cha Chorizo (Smoky pork & garlic chorizo, braised slow & lazy with onions in red wine, tomato & smoked jalapeño sauce. With bread to dunk & munch)


All descriptions are their words not mine. This was well worth £23 quid. I needed a drink after all that & I was going to sympathise with Mr S & go non-alcoholic.He told me not to be so silly so I had an Iguana Cosmo. Sorry, I had 2 Iguana Cosmos, what was I supposed to do? They were on offer!


Our waiter was really good, without sounding like a reviewer, I’m marking them down for the Cosmos, they were not the best. Mr S really enjoyed his Cortada though.


There is something I just love about finger food. From picnic to party to antpasti to tapas, I just love it. I had to remind myself of my holiday and not stop off at Krispy Kreme for a donut.

All in all my shopping trip was very successful and the holiday wardrobe is complete. Although I did buy a dress for which I shouldn’t eat until AFTER the holiday and I should be doing continuous ab work until I go.

This was dinner…14th July 2013.


4 thoughts on “Tapas & Cocktails

  1. Everything looks delicious and mouthwatering. I have just had dinner but I could do with another one. Thanks for sharing . Best wishes!

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