1980’s Dad Food

The sun is still beating down here in South Yorkshire. It was already hot when I went in to town at 8.00am. I left town at about 2.00pm only having seen the sun for about half an hour of that.

We went to the market then Mr S went home and about his business whilst I a) went for my hair done b) did some clothes shopping c) went for my nails done and d) had a makeover. That’s my kind of day.

When I got home Mr S was gardening so I had some toast – my first food of the day – and a beer. Mr S really fancied a steak so we had what I decided to call 80s Dad food. A good old steak and a jacket potato.

We did the potatoes for about an hour and ten minutes. Oven only.

Now I do like a barbecue but they can be a lot of hassle, especially if there is only 2 of you. So we cooked our steak outdoors on our little camping ring.

I had begrudgingly bought this when we were having a new kitchen. It was one of the best few quid I ever spent! As our new kitchen involved going back almost to brick, we were quite a while. As I am Mrs Organisation (most of the time) I’d cooked a load of meals in advance and froze them and this stove saw us through. We’ve used it numerous times since, burgers on bonfire night. Hangover bacon sarnies in the sun. Extras when barbecuing. Those kinds of things, winter and summer alike.

We covered our steaks in Wahaca Searingly Hot Chile de Arbol sauce (you’ll notice I do this a lot when I find a new sauce) and served our JP’s with butter & cheese and a side of coleslaw.


This was washed down with a couple of beers – even more ‘Dad-like’. The steak melted like butter and the potato had the most perfectly crispy skin.

This was dinner…13th July 2013.


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