Pub Grub

I think I have been “going to” eat out for the past 2/3 Thursdays. Well I finally did tonight. Just to Table Table in Doncaster. It’s just pub grub but, and anyone can put me right, one of the better ones in Doncaster. The surroundings are nice and it’s quiet for when you don’t want all the pub bustle about you.

I went straight for work with a quick detour via Debenhams which is open until 7pm where I finally bought some holiday clothes. We made for an empty corner of the restaurant. A few minutes later an old couple and what I assume was their young grandson walked in, asked where there was a quiet place they could sit, came and sat right next to us and then sat talking loudly.

I don’t get people and their obsession with being near other people. There were plenty of tables so why sit next to an occupied one. It’s like when you’re on a fairly empty train platform and someone comes and stands next to you. Why?

Anyway, we shared Nachos which was rather strange as Mr S usually goes for their chicken wings, which he rates high. I was just about to ask this thing before me what it had done with my husband when he ordered the chicken & rib combo. Phew, I’m not quite ready for alien body snatchers yet. I had lamb burger.



We were both asked if we would like to upgrade, we both declined. I’ve just checked what that was and it’s a whole rack of ribs instead of half and a double up on the burger. Thank goodness I said no.

On our way home we popped into Morrisons for a bottle of wine. As I was leaving I saw this guy staring at me from the side of a Pepsi can. It was 8.30pm and his show started at 9. I think he was sending me a message “Don’t forget to watch me Lisa”. Have you seen those eyes? There is magic in those eyes. I don’t think he is a conjurer, I think he really is an actual wizard!

This was dinner…11th July 2013


4 thoughts on “Pub Grub

    1. Sorry it doesn’t read very well does it. The ribs could be upgraded for half a rack to a full rack and the burger from a single to a double burger. Far too much for me!

  1. that looks really nice, not sure why anyone would need to double up their dinner order, I think on the whole we all eat far too much anyway..

    as for Dynamo, awesome…

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