Pan Fried Gnocchi with Tomatoes, Vegetables & Blue Cheese

Well I’m a little bit peeved that I didn’t make the gym again tonight. I just can’t muster up the energy. I know I have only myself to blame and so I am very angry with myself as the holiday gets closer and closer.

I still have a lot to do for my holidays too, if anyone has any energy going spare, can I have some please?

I managed to make tea, it’s got gnocchi in it and it’s got peas in it, so there was a little motivation there. At least I’m keeping the blog fairly up to date for a change.

I got in from work & the heat has subsided so I made a coffee (hazlenut latte – my favourite) and sat in the garden shelling my peas and listening to my in-progress road trip playlist.

As I sat, I did a bit of reminiscing  as songs new, newish, old, older & very old washed over me. They reminded me of grandparents, parents, my sister,  school, old colleagues or old friends or even stupid things me & Mr S have done. Isn’t that just the beauty of music? That feeling you get that makes a memory so vivid, you almost feel you are there.

I was also reminded of going pea picking in the school holidays. My friend wanted to do it for extra cash. I hated it from the moment I had to be legged-up onto a lorry, through being given a bag the size of a postage stamp which grew to the size of a shed as you desperately tried to fill it, to trying to get off said lorry in a dignified manner. I was tired, I was hot & I was damn sure I wasn’t doing it again. My friend lasted the summer but it was not for me. I think I learned that day that I wanted a desk job.

Back to present day. The recipe was from the June or July issue of Delicious  magazine and can be found here. I made some slight changes.

First of all I did not use fresh broad beans. They were £2.50 in the supermarket and I already had some frozen ones in. Neither did I skin them.

Cook the broad beans in boiling, salted water and cook the gnocchi in another pan of the for 2 minutes. Drain the gnocchi & leave to one side.

Meanwhile, half the cherry tomatoes and snap the asparagus. Apparently there is an anti-snapping brigade but it’s how I’ve always done it so that’s my argument right there. It was pretty poor asparagus really. It tasted fine but it was very skinny. Damn you Lisa for not going to the market.

When the broad beans are nearly cooked, add the peas and asparagus and blanch.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry your gnocchi until golden. Remove and keep warm.

Put your tomatoes in the pan and soften a little then toss everything together & season.

Plate up, add baby radishes (or chopped normal ones in my case), then crumble your cheese over. I used a relatively mild blue cheese on this but you could use whatever you fancy really.

Garnish with some mint and enjoy.


I’ve got the leftovers for lunch at work and just grated some cheddar on it.

This was dinner…10th July 2013.

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