Spring Onion, Ham & Mustard Tart

After a “discussion” with some silly woman on my train who seemed to think she could save a seat for her friend at rush hour, I was glad to get home. This was soon forgotten when Mr S told me to check his bag for a present. I thought it would be a bottle of wine but it was Oz, The Great and Powerful so my equilibrium was restored. I’ve not watched it yet as I am re-watching old Luthers in preparation for the new one.

The meal I was supposed to make needed a cheese sauce. We’ve always got milk in. That was until the purchase of a Tassimo machine a couple of weeks ago, so I hadn’t thought to buy any. I made this tart instead.

The recipe is from the Delicious website. I just did a couple of things different.

Blind bake some shortcrust pastry (I used shop bought).

Boil up some slices of potato.

Mix 3 eggs, 125ml of single cream, some crumbled Cheshire cheese and 2 tablespoons of wholegrain mustard with some seasoning.

When your pastry base has cooled slightly, put a layer of potatoes in. Tear up some cooked ham slices and put them in. Lay some trimmed and halved spring onions all in the same direction and pour over the egg mixture.

I’m on a roll with the double yolk eggs at the moment, all six in this box were.

The recipe only bakes it for 15 minutes on 180ºc (fan) This is NOT enough, after 15 it was still quite runny. Mine took about 35 minutes,

I was quite pleased with myself, making a full tart on a work day, although by the time it was ready I was bloody starving. It does, however, mean tomorrows dinner is sorted.


This was dinner…2nd July 2013


Any thoughts?

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