Smoked Haddock Eggs Benedict

I’ve had some pieces of haddock in the freezer for a while and had this recipe on my to do list for nearly 3 weeks now. It can be found on the Delicious website.

The recipe states using a ready made sauce but I made my own. It’s so easy, I don’t see why you wouldn’t.

These were Aldi bought fish pieces (Shh! Don’t tell my fishmonger) that just needed cooking in the oven. Whilst they were cooking we fried the bacon until crisp and toasted the muffins. I made a cheese sauce just using cheddar.

I poached my eggs whilst Mr S fried his. We broke our fish up and put it into the cheese sauce.

We are eating like the continentals at the moment. In fact our dinner was so late tonight, any later and it could have been tomorrows brunch.


This was dinner…5th July 2013.


2 thoughts on “Smoked Haddock Eggs Benedict

  1. That looks lovely, I had a piece of haddock in the fridge that i’d bought for a risotto type thing I was going to make, but I ended up giving it to my mum as I knew I wouldn’t cook it, got the other half in the freezer, so no excuse mow, that looks gorgeous..

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