Not a Barbecue

What a beautiful day. The sun was shining from early on. I’d already decided I was going to have a lazy day but Mr S got up and went shopping. I did do all of the clothes washing though. Then sat in the sunshine reading Game of Thrones.

I had a pecan plait for breakfast but other than that had nothing all day. We decided to walk up to Aldi as the idea of having to put effort into cooking did not appeal.

I had antipasti in mind, Mr S had pizza. What we did was walk around Aldi and pick up whatever we fancied. So we had this weird, but totally satisfying mixture:

Little chorizo and pork tapas:


Onion bhajis & chicken goujons:


A cheese & tomato pizza:


And some chips!


We also had hummus and garlic chilli sauce. All washed down with beer, cider & wine. More about that tomorrow!

So on what was probably the hottest day we have had forever, we stayed away from the barbecue.

This was dinner…6th July 2013.


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