Vegetable Curry

Last weeks meat free dish of the Halloumi parcels was a distant memory as we embarked on another vegetarian dish which frankly, put the parcels to shame.

I was going to do a pork dish today but true to form I’d forgotten to get it out of the freezer.

Pop some chopped onion, a diced potato & a diced sweet potato into a large sauté pan with some oil on a low heat. Stir well, add about 100ml of water and put a lid on for 5 minutes to soften it all.  Add chopped aubergine and quartered mushrooms. Give it all another stir and leave for a couple of minutes.

Add some curry paste, how much and what type is up to you and your tastebuds. I had a madras paste already so I used what was left of that (about 3 tablespoons). My eyes saw madras but my brain heard korma so I added a chopped red chilli too.

Add a can of coconut milk and about 100ml of vegetable stock, bring to the boil and simmer, covered, uncovered or a bit of both, depending on how thick you want your sauce, for about ten minutes.

Stir through some chopped coriander and serve.


It was a great way to use up some of the veg I had left over from the meals I didn’t make last week. Obviously, you can stick in whatever you fancy. Also, if you use reduced fat coconut milk it’s another low fat dish.

This was dinner…30th June 2013.


Any thoughts?

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