Easy Turkey Tikka

It took an old favourite to get us back on track. I’ve had the Weightwatchers Pure Points Cookbook for years. It’s always nice to have a low calorie book on hand when you are feeling a bit bloaty and bad about yourself. In my three weeks of ‘operation gym 3 times a week’ I’ve hit my goal once, I’ve still been twice a week though so it’s not all bad.

The recipe uses chicken but I had half of a turkey joint in the freezer so I used that. Bonus – even more low fat. First, you cut the meat into chunks and pop it in a non metallic bowl with white wine vinegar and salt. Give it a good stir and cover and fridge it for about half an hour.

For the marinade, mix crushed garlic, chilli powder, grated ginger, chopped fresh mint, garam masala, cumin seeds, vegetable oil and natural yoghurt (low fat of course). It’s not in the recipe but I added a chopped red chilli too. Remove your turkey from the vinegar & add it to your marinade, I did all this on Wednesday night to give it a full day marinading.

We cooked the turkey on skewers in the oven but it would obviously be great barbecued too.

Serve it with a tomato & red onion salad – halved cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, a crushed garlic clove, lemon juice & chopped fresh mint. The recipe also adds a coriander relish but we served it with lettuce, pittas & natural yoghurt.


I’ve done the list for next week and it all looks a bit more enticing. The plan is to stick to it.

This was dinner…27th June 2013


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